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My First Blog Post!

Hey Folks!! Welcome to Chickpea Pottery! This is my very first blog post!! Not much happening in the
Pottery Making Factory today (A.KA. my pottery studio). Too busy tending to the goats and dogs. Finally
getting around to spreading hay around the muddy parts of the yard where the snow has melted and
rain has saturated.

There is quite a bit of work/play waiting for me in the Pottery Making Factory. For the first year ever,
Market Square Winter Market in Knoxville, Tennessee is happening every Saturday from 10-2, January,
February, and March on Market Square. I will be there every Saturday in February and March. Chickpea
Pottery will be featuring wares for Easter for the first time! I will also have some wares for Valentine’s
Day. I hope to see you at Market Square in February!!